The Methods

The fine-tuning of these three basic components, globalization, IT and monetization are essential for the future of any company. And these areas are changing rapidly. As a consultant, I, Jörg Gehrmann, with my network of subcontractors in these areas, am at your service. Whether it is project-dependent or a cross-project as an interim manager or consultant on a fee basis, or as a service provider for the implementation of a clearly defined task. My strength is to define the right components based on my many years of experience in the three basic areas of future-oriented company development, and to implement them with the right developers.

Many years of experience in global companies

I have worked for several international companies in recent years. And I was in different countries for a longer period of time working on-site. In particular, in the field of process development, internal accounting and IT systems for international companies with over 30,000 sales partners worldwide, for companies that are themselves in software development, as well as for companies in the crypto business. I have developed a comprehensive expertise over the past 5 years.

Consulting for companies and SMEs

However, I have long been seeing this need in small companies and small to medium-sized enterprises as well , that means that I am at your service regardless of your company size.

I am available right now and would be glad to discuss matters personally with you.