The Solution

Globalization already affects every company, at least indirectly, even if for example the market is a local one. We do not notice these things because it goes without saying that our laptops come from the US, and our projector from Asia, and we do not know what spare parts from around the world are installed in them. But if - as just happened - in the EU, a new privacy law is passed, and the effect is that I can not save my contacts in my phone without written consent and because of WhatsApp having access to my contacts and the default browser setting means that the data is stored in the US, which the EU commission by the way has classified as an unsecure country then one realizes the massive scope included in the term “globalization”.

No company can do without IT today. It is only the different size in which this matter is reflected in the day-to-day operations. Apart from the fact that digital business processes are useful, practical and helpful, the advancing evolution of the digitalization forces even the smallest companies to adapt. In the regional gastronomy in Germany for example the tax office prescribes a certain digital form of cash management with data transmission. And at the same time there are states such as Estonia, which are considered pioneers of digitization and offer their citizens a digital identity within the framework of their city administration. Blockchain technology will play a major role in this.

Today the digital transformation already affects at least indirectly, every company.

But only few can use this for their success because they lack access to the right experts.

Blockchain technology is the key to sustainable success in the digitalized world.

Lay the foundation for your business future now!

The Blockchain technology is an independent system that can not be changed and - once left to itself - belongs to nobody. As a result, there are many benefits, such as for example, the independence of politics or the fast, direct and cost-effective availability of transactions – these are optimal conditions for currencies. So it is only a matter of time until the relatively new and unregulated market develops into the natural basis of payment systems.

This has also been recognized by international governments, and almost all of them have joined the path of regulation for investors and private customers, as well as the development of their own cryptocurrencies. With cryptocurrencies, you can already buy almost anything anywhere in the world, shopping in “Edeka”, the largest discounterchain in Germany, pay for tickets in the Züricher Verkehrsverbund or order from the delivery giant Amazon. There are even coffee machines and a worldwide ATM network. Business services or salaries are already been paid in cryptocurrencies. It is the revolution within the evolution, the digitalization of the heart of our world system - our money.